Promises Made During the Campaign by Peter Obi: “I Will Make The North Nigeria’s Jewel”

The Labour Party’s nominee for president in this year’s elections, Mr. Peter Obi, has pledged to turn the North into the nation’s crown jewel.

Obi and his running mate, Yusuf Datti Baba-Ahmad, noted that with proper utilization of the vast arable land in the North, the untapped resources would make Nigeria a production country and not a consumption one in a rally attended by a sizable crowd as well as town hall meetings of women and youths in Gombe State.

According to the LP presidential contender, the country may be revived by converting its massive landmass into gold and oil.

According to Obi, Nigeria and Africa must be given access to the immense arable land of the North.

He thought that the North’s agricultural potential may improve the country’s foreign exchange gains when commodities are exported to generate income to help the people escape poverty.

He declared that his aims for the country are attainable since he and his running mate have the vigor and capacity to carry out their promises. He added that they have a track record of accomplishments in both public and private settings.

He said that, if elected, his government will make significant investments in healthcare and education, arguing that these are essential for the growth and development of human capital in Nigeria.

Obi reassured the mothers that their children should return to school since he and Datti would take all necessary steps to secure the nation and its citizens, emphasizing that they would once more have good lives.

He clarified,

“Nigerians desire security; without a secure Nigeria, we are powerless. Nigerian youngsters must attend school every day.

The party team would build a new Nigeria if elected, according to Datti Baba Ahmed, the vice presidential nominee, Mr. Julius Abure, the party’s national chairman, and other party stakeholders.

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