Protesters besieged our building, the Nigerian embassy, but were driven back by the Nigerien troops

The facility was attempted to be invaded by demonstrators on July 30, according to the Nigerian embassy in the Niger Republic.

In a statement on behalf of the Nigerian ambassador to Niger, Liti Auwalu stated on Saturday that the Nigerien police and military were swift to resist the onslaught.

He said this in response to a social media video that went viral on Friday and claimed that the demonstrators had set fire to the embassy.

The statement went on to say that the Embassy is being protected against attacks by the Nigerien military and other security organizations.

The Nigerien Military and police authorities quickly put an end to the crisis, he continued, “The Embassy wishes to tell the general public that even though demonstrators tried to enter the Embassy on July 30, 2023.

The Embassy is currently under the close supervision of the Nigerien Military and other security officials.

We state again that the films are fraudulent, and the public is urged to ignore them as a result.

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