Seyi Awolowo explains why companies declined to sign Dorathy Bachor

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Seyi Awolowo, a housemate on Big Brother All Stars, asserted that sponsors declined to sign Dorathy Bachor because she committed a sexual act during the show’s lockdown season. Bachor was a part of last week’s jury.

During a talk with Adekunle, Frodd, and Venita on Sunday night, Seyi let them know about this.

He claims that because of Dorathy Bachor’s romantic relationship with her housemate Brighto, most brands do not want to be linked with her.

During the get-together, Dorathy had asserted that she had engaged in oral sex with Brighto.

“Una baby girl with the chest, what do you think happened after that reunion?” asked Seyi.

Venita replied, “I don’t know.”

“Did anybody know that anyone tested microphone in their season?” asks Seyi.

“What microphone?” asked Venita.

“Which babygirl with the chest?” asked Frodd.

“Dorathy,” said Seyi. What transpired after she made the claim that she tested Lord Baelish’s microphone on her own? How many brands would want to be linked to that?

In the meantime, Dorathy, a member of the jury, prevented Seyi from being evicted during the first live eviction.

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