Speaker Abbas We Will Create a Superior Electoral Act

According to House Speaker Hon. Abbas Tajudeen, the Electoral Act would be revised in the upcoming 10th House session to guarantee better elections in the general elections of 2027.
According to Abbas, the House has previously recognized certain weak spots in the electoral legislation that must be addressed before the next round of elections.

These remarks were made by the speaker at his Thursday reception in his Abuja office of a joint EU-Nigerian and ECOWAS mission, presided over by EU Ambassador to Nigeria Ms. Samuela Isopi.
He promised that the House, under his leadership, would work hard to adopt a bill that would empower women and young people to take part in government and politics, and he said that a more thorough evaluation of the present Act would lead to better outcomes in the 2027 elections.

With this speech, he wanted to convey the Nigerian government’s and the parliament’s gratitude to the European Union for their assistance and support since 1999. Since the National Assembly’s establishment in 1999, you have been one of the most significant individual donors in providing technical help.

We have already initiated the process and put the necessary machinery into motion. Despite our best efforts in 2022 to fortify the law (the Electoral Act), new problems have arisen that necessitate our intervention; we will investigate these thoroughly.
We will go back over the Electoral Act and fix all of its problems.

Please believe me when I say that the 2027 election will be an improvement over the 2023 one. And the laws we’re going to examine would be the greatest for our nation,” he declared.

A new friendship club devoted to the European Union and its Parliament would soon be established, the speaker informed the EU delegation, adding that the 10th House has already established fifteen such groups for EU nations alone.

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