The CPS of Governor Uba Sani requests the media to portray a favorable picture of Kaduna

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The CPS of Governor Uba Sani requests the media to portray a favorable picture of Kaduna. In an effort to improve communication between the state administration and the media, Muhammad Shehu Molash, the chief press secretary to the governor of Kaduna State, set out on a tour of the city’s media outlets on Thursday.

He asked the media outlets to likewise present a favorable image of Kaduna State in a statement that he personally signed on Thursday.

He claimed to have visited the following media outlets: Liberty Radio/TV, Freedom Radio, Kaduna State Media Corporation (KSMC), Federal Radio Corporation of Nigeria (FRCN), Nigeria Television Authority (NTA) Kaduna, and Kaduna State Media Corporation (FRCN).

He claimed that the tour served as evidence of Governor Uba Sani’s dedication to establishing positive media relations and ensuring open communication with the general public.

Mr. Shehu promised to endeavor to close any gaps in the communication between media professionals and the state government during his visit to the media groups.

He stressed the need of cooperation in fostering factual reporting and the projection of a favorable image of Kaduna State, noting that Gov. Uba Sani had always been a friend of the media as one of those who struggled for the establishment of democracy in Nigeria.

He gave examples of how Senator Sani helped numerous media professionals in Kaduna State long before he was elected to the Senate and said that both the media and the government share the same objective of serving the people of Kaduna State and that they can work together to accomplish that objective more successfully.

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Therefore, he urged media to write fair and impartial stories while also promising them that his office will address their issues.

The leaders of the media outlets that were visited thanked Mr. Shehu for his initiative and pledged to work with the state administration to help it realize its goals of elevating Kaduna State to enviable heights in their various professions.

They acknowledged how important it is for the government and media to work well together in order to promote accountability, transparency, and state development.

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