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The government of Kano State improves bilateral ties with the French Republic

Abba Yusuf, the governor of Kano, has reiterated the commitment of his administration to strengthening the already-existing diplomatic ties between Kano State and the French Republic.

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The governor made this commitment at a Friday meeting at the government residence with the French Ambassador to Nigeria.

Aminu Gwarzo, the governor’s deputy, praised Rabiu Musa Kwankwaso, the former governor of Kano State, for his efforts in developing and preserving a constructive relationship with the French government.

Sen. Kwankwaso’s creation of French-language secondary schools in Madobi Town and two other Republic of Niger locations was especially recognized by Gwarzo.

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The group is in Kano to suggest several development projects to the state administration with the aim of providing job opportunities and enhancing the state’s economic position, according to French Ambassador to Nigeria Emmanuelle Blatmann, who spoke at the event.

Blatmann further mentioned that the French government has long supported agricultural cooperation in the private sector, with special emphasis on the encouragement of female apprenticeships and agricultural technical education.

According to Blatmann, during the past 12 years, Kano State has benefited from close to three billion euros in investments made by the French government through the French Agency for Development in various initiatives that benefit Nigerian citizens.

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These initiatives include, among others, the Urban Water Supply Project, the Urban Mobility Project, the Energy Grid Project, the Projects on Higher Education, the Mass Transportation Project, and the Request for Rehabilitation/Revival of the Kano French Culture Centre.

Deputy Governor Gwarzo informed the French Ambassador that the Kano State administration will carefully examine all the proposed projects on behalf of Governor Yusuf.

According to Abdussalam, the state administration will then invite the French government to a meeting to discuss how to carry out these initiatives.

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