The Labour Party Is Still My Home — Obi

Labour Party (LP) presidential candidate Mr. Peter Obi has stated that he is still a party member. Obi is running for president in 2023.

Reports surfaced that Obi was separating from the Labour Party; however, he has denied the rumors and stated that his connections to the party remain strong.

According to Dr. Yunusa Tanko, the head of the now-defunct Obi-Datti campaign committee, the Peter Obi Media Reach (POMR) is actively working to dispel the widespread but false rumors that Obi is planning to leave the party.

According to Tanko, “this is not true and it did not originate from Obi or the Obidient Movement but from mischief makers bent on sowing the seed of discord in the party.” He continued by saying that the increasing number of party misdeeds did not begin today, but rather arose from a long-term plan to dismantle the party in order to bring down Obi and halt the inevitable rescue mission for Nigeria.

The partisan politics in Nigeria came to an end on October 26, 2023, when the Supreme Court of the land handed down its final ruling on the general elections. Our principal is currently focused on getting Nigeria to function.

Enemies of democracy who are hell-bent on causing a Labour Party crisis want the broken status quo to stay in place. Tanko assured Nigerians, especially the Obidient family, that Obi’s leadership remains steadfast and that the fight to free Nigeria from the criminal gangs that control it will continue until the will of the people of Nigeria is realized. Obi is currently focused on establishing an environment where democracy is practiced according to the established principles, rather than the rascality and impunity that are prevalent in the country.

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