The new DG of the NYSC takes over and announces a five-point plan

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Brigadier-General Y. D. Ahmed, the new Director-General of the National Youth Service Corps, took over from Christy Uba on Monday at a ceremony in Abuja. He promised to bring the organization to new heights.

He also talked about his five-point plan, which is based on security, a good environment, getting more people involved, building more capacity, and making skill acquisition and entrepreneurship development have a bigger impact.

He said, “I promise you that not only will I keep up the fast pace, but together we will take the plan to new heights.”

“This administration will be open and pay special attention to plans that will improve how the Scheme works as a whole as hoped.”

Ahmed showed the five main goals that would guide his administration’s policies.

“Improving security and the well-being of corps members and staff to provide the best service to the country;

“Creating the right conditions for research and development to move the scheme forward;

“Strengthening the involvement of stakeholders to promote the scheme’s boundaries;

“Improving the building of capacity to encourage efficiency and better corporate performance; and

“Making the Skill Acquisition and Entrepreneurship Development Program have a bigger effect.”

Ahmed told the staff of the scheme that they should work with him to help the NYSC do better.

Uba gave me his word that the management team and the whole staff will work with the new director-general to help him do well.

“We are aware that the NYSC operations are difficult.

“However, our experiences, loyalty, and love of the job will always help us overcome problems and make sure we succeed in everything we do,” she said.

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