There is no need for an ultimatum; impeach Buhari right away, claims HURIWA

The National Assembly has been instructed by the Human Rights Writers Association of Nigeria (HURIWA) to begin the impeachment proceedings against President Muhammadu Buhari right away.

HURIWA urges the MPs to expedite the process so that the President can be removed from office within a short period of time since, in their opinion, a failure for seven years cannot pull off a miracle within the allotted six weeks.

HURIWA questioned why, in spite of brazen terrorist attacks across Nigeria, the military had not used the Tucano fighter jets it had purchased from the US.

The group claimed that it’s possible the current administration is forgiving bandits and rebels due to their shared ancestry and religion, stressing that the bandits are hell-bent on dividing the nation and have since been labeled as terrorists by a Federal High Court.

The human rights organization claimed that the Defence Headquarters is occupied with making claims about the deaths of 30 terrorists in the Bwari Local Area Council without offering any supporting documentation.

It went on to say,

We want to know why the government hasn’t used the 12 Super Tucano fighter jets it bought from the US to bomb terrorists who are currently besieging Abuja from the Suleja and Abuja-Lokoja angles and are hibernating in Kaduna, Niger.

“It is befuddling that a government will fold its arms and watch while non-state actors go on the rampage, killing civilians like chickens, and HURIWA is obliged to ask the President if his government is collaborating with the terrorists and Fulani bandits.

“Previously, it was in the North-East, but over time, the terrorists took control of the North-West by carrying out audacious operations on military buildings and formations. The terrorists are currently encroaching on Abuja. The time has come for the hens to lay their eggs!

“A government that has pampered terrorists for seven years cannot bring about any noticeable and quick reforms in the anti-terror battle within six weeks.”

HURIWA argued that President Buhari’s impeachment should be expedited since “terrorists are currently encircling the Federal Capital Territory, FCT.”

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