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Turkey is struck by a new 6.4-magnitude earthquake

A 6.4-magnitude earthquake has struck southern Turkey, weeks after a deadly quake ravaged the region.

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The shudder hit the town of Defne at 8:04 pm (1704 GMT) and was unequivocally felt in Antakya and Adana, 200 kilometers (300 miles) toward the north, as per AFP.

According to an AFP journalist who reported panicked scenes, the new tremors also caused dust clouds to rise in the devastated town.

While a number of people, who appeared to be injured, called for assistance, the severely damaged buildings’ walls gave way.

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As Calamity and Crisis, The executive’s Administration indicated, over 6,000 consequential convulsions have been recorded since the 7.8-extent shake hit Turkey and Syria.


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