Umahi swears in 6 perm secs, 7 anti-corruption committee members in Ebonyi

The outgoing Governor of Ebonyi State, David Umahi has a few weeks to hand over power to the incoming administration, sworn-in six permanent secretaries and seven anti-corruption committee members in the state.

Umahi, while inaugurating the permanent secretaries on Tuesday, assured them that they will not be removed by the incoming administration led by the governor-elect, Francis Nwifuru.

He, however, vowed not to interfere with Nwifuru’s administration.

Addressing the appointees, Umahi enjoined them to be upright in the discharge of their responsibilities.

“Let me congratulate members of the anti-corruption commission, let me hope that they understand what they have signed for; to be impeccable, to be upright. So, first, they have to declare their assets, they are going to be of great help to the next administration.

“To the permanent secretaries, congratulations. Go back to your respective places of work, your tenure is not ending with me but the only person that I am posting now is the permanent secretary, Lagos Liaison. The rest will be done after I have consulted the governor-elect.

“Character is very important, every time I have issues with government officials, I would ask the person, if it were your own, would you do it that way?

“When you are principled, when you are forthright, people will still come and say thank you to you.

“I want to congratulate you and ask you to go back to your studies, we have raised the standard for Ebonyi.

“For you to compete favourably with anyone anywhere in the Country, I charge you, be upright, do the job and every other thing would be added unto you,” he stated.

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