Upkeep of public structures is necessary to eradicate Nigerian culture, according to Adeleke

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Osun State Governor Ademola Adeleke has called for an end to the Nigerian tradition of poor management of public buildings and has campaigned for a culture of robust maintenance to be implemented throughout all public institutions.

On Friday, Governor Adeleke lamented the common practice of neglecting public structures after they have been commissioned during his remarks during the commissioning of two different projects that took place at the Osun State University (UNIOSUN).

The Governor expressed his regret that these actions resulted to a loss of public resources that had to be incurred as a result of the continued construction of public buildings.

He stated that it was high time for the country to renounce the pejorative name of ‘Nigerian culture,’ which he claimed in actuality indicated the neglect, abandonment, and waste of public facilities owing to a lack of care. He said it was high time for the nation to abandon the moniker.

The Governor gave the following piece of advice: “The country will save a significant amount of resources if bureaucrats and public managers can consciously introduce and enforce protocols on the management of public buildings.”

The Governor of Osun State is committed to making the promotion of a culture of preventative maintenance a top focus moving forward in the state.

“Today, we are putting the finishing touches on these historic projects while praising the administration of the University. My instruction is that the management of the university needs to institute stringent upkeep procedures. The upkeep of public buildings does not need a significant financial investment.

If we are able to preserve our public buildings and facilities in good condition, we will be able to save a significant amount of money.

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Due to a lack of upkeep, a huge number of wonderful public buildings have been allowed to fall into disrepair. The Governor issued a directive that stated “this should not happen to the buildings that we are commissioning today.”

Additionally, Governor Adeleke gave his approval for the building of a link road that will eventually lead to the Folorunsho Alakija Teaching Hospital.

The commissioned project consists of the completion of the abandoned 57 office complex of the College of Health Sciences at Isale-Osun, Osogbo, as well as the construction of a dormitory with 320 sleeping spaces that will be financed from the university’s own internally generated revenue.

Governor Adeleke affirmed that the commissioning ceremony was significant for his administration for two reasons, the first of which was the release of funds for the completion of a previously abandoned project, and the second of which was the approval given for the commencement of new projects within the university, while at the same time commending the Vice Chancellor and his management team for doing a good job. In addition to this, Governor Adeleke commended the Vice Chancellor and his management team for doing a good job.

It has been said that Osun State University serves as an example for other state institutions in Nigeria. I can’t wait to see the university go from strength to strength as it continues to develop. The governor gave some advice to the authority of the institution, telling them, “You have my support to keep the flag flying, maintain the standard, and ensure that world class academic practices are implemented.”

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Earlier on during the Commissioning, the Vice Chancellor of Osun State University, Professor Odunayo Clement Adeboye, provided the Governor with an update on the two projects as well as the continuing construction of a multi-billion naira Teaching Hospital that was donated by the University’s Chancellor, Dr. Folorunso Alakija.

Prof. Adeboye stated that the completed projects at the College of Health Sciences had been left unfinished since 2009. He praised the State Governor for approving the projects and releasing funds to finish them.

Since 2011, the State Government has not provided the University with any form of financial or other support for its infrastructure till now.

Since he took office in November of last year, His Excellency has shown a tremendous amount of support for the University, and for this, we are forever grateful and thrilled. At this commissioning, both the university management and the employee unions are expressing their gratitude to the Governor by presenting him with awards,” the Vice Chancellor pointed out.

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