Uriel reveals her spec: “My Husband Must Be a Billionaire and Very Prayerful.”

Uriel Oputa, a reality television star, has shared her requirements for guys. She said that her future husband needed to be wealthy and pious.

Today is the reality star’s 35th birthday, and she confessed that she is looking for a spiritual, wealthy, and devout husband.

When she eventually marries, she plans to have seven children, and she also made a suggestion that she might adopt some of them.

“My husband should have a medium,” Uriel said. billionaire and a strong believer. I want 7 children. Without a doubt, I’ll adopt after I have my own.

Recall that Uriel Oputa disclosed in a recent post that she has dyslexia, a condition that impairs both speech and writing.

The reality television star’s fans claimed that she is beyond her comprehension. Uriel responded by saying she has dyslexia, which she then went on to say.

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