We support you despite losing the 100-meter hurdles championship. Tobi Amusan is told by NOC

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The Nigerian Olympic Committee (NOC) Board has given Tobi Amusan a letter of support after she was defeated by Jamaica’s Danielle Williams on Thursday at the World Athletics Championships in Budapest, Hungary, in the women’s 100-meter hurdles competition.

According to xandertech, Amusan unexpectedly placed sixth in the race in 12.62 seconds while Williams, who had previously won in Beijing in 2015, had timed 12.43 seconds. Olympic champion Jasmine Camacho-Quinn of Puerto Rico came in second (12.44 seconds), and Kendra Harrison of the United States took third (12.46 seconds).

Tony Nezianya sent a message on behalf of Engr Habu Gumel, President of the NOC, urging Amusan to maintain her focus and reassuring her that she is not the only person pursuing greatness.

We understand that you have been under a lot of pressure lately, part of the statement said. The Olympic Games in Paris in 2024 are still one year away, so keep your focus.

“These trying times are where we learn to grow and find our genuine resilience. Tobi, you have always displayed amazing resilience, and this setback will merely be another stepping stone on your road to success.

“Keep in mind that even the most successful sportsmen have had setbacks and recovered even better. You get the mental toughness and discipline required to overcome hurdles during these trying times.

“Use this experience as a chance to reflect, concentrate, and improve your race-day tactics.

“We have no doubt that you will recover and be better than ever.

Keep in mind that you are not acting alone in your quest for excellence. We are convinced of your extraordinary talent and limitless potential. You’ve repeatedly demonstrated that you possess the necessary skills to be successful.

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