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Why unqualified teachers are cheaters – TRCN

The Registrar of the Teachers Registration Council of Nigeria,TRCN, Prof. Josiah Ajiboye has said unqualified persons in the teaching profession are not teachers but cheaters.

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Ajiboye said unqualified teachers don’t only cheat the students but the system in its entirety.

Speaking on Thursday in Abuja, Ajiboye revealed that contrary to several speculations about the Southwest and its teachers of private schools, 70 percent have been discovered not qualified.

Lamenting that 70 percent of the unqualified teachers lack the prerequisites to be registered by the Council, the TRCN boss stated that a large number of teachers in Nigeria have never been exposed to training and have been using outdated equipment for illustration.

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According to Ajiboye: “A large number of teachers in private schools in Nigeria today are not qualified. We wanted to use a consultant to get revenue from teachers in private schools. When we carried out a survey, we observed that a reasonable amount of 70% of teachers in the South- West are not qualified as well.

“They are not registrable with the TRCN. So that is to tell you that there is a big gap. So you cannot call them teachers but cheaters. You know that there’s a difference between teachers and cheaters. If you are not a teachers, you must be a cheater.

“These people do not possess the requisite qualification to register them and so there’s a big gap. So we are looking into the future to fill up that gap like it’s done in South Africa.”

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