In Likomba, Tiko, yesterday night, an anonymous woman did something abhorrent. She wanted to go out partying with friends despite having a newborn baby in her arms who was just a few months old.

She was unable to take the young child to the club, so the only obstacle was him.

To help him get a good night’s sleep, she chose to give him Tramadol. She can go out and party with her buddies this way.

While keeping the infant inside the house, she gave the woman the Tramadol. She came home this morning to discover that the baby had passed away as a result of the difficult prescription she gave him.

Residents of Likomba descended upon her and rendered her well be@ten. The girl is currently being held in custody after intervention from law enforcement authorities. The infant was interred. I pray for eternal peace for the baby’s pure soul.

See the images below:

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