Yetunde Bakare spills, “It’s Possible to Meet the Right Person After Rushing Into Marriage.”

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The actress Yetunde Bakare has revealed something unexpected about marriage. She claimed that it is possible for a person to find their true love after getting married.

In a post on her Instagram account, Bakare claimed that people occasionally hurry into marriage due to peer pressure or because those close to them are flaunting their own partners.

She claims that the majority of people who rush into marriage suffer from emotional and physical abuse from their spouse.

She continued by saying that it was conceivable for a person who was being abused by their spouse to find their true love and receive treatment superior to that of their spouse.

According to her, “It’s definitely possible to meet the right person at the wrong time, such as after rushing into marriage under duress or with the “poison them” mentality while being continuously physically and emotionally harassed.

Then, while you’re still married, you meet someone who treats you better.

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