You can’t do for Arsenal what Arteta has done because you’re impatient, Carragher says of Conte

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Legendary Liverpool player Jamie Carragher has attacked Tottenham Hotspur manager Antonio Conte, calling him “impatient.”

Carragher claimed that Conte had lost his mind at press conferences and that he couldn’t do for Arsenal what Mikel Arteta has done.

Antonio Conte is one of the best managers in the business. He has won four Serie A titles and one English Premier League title with his teams.

Arteta, on the other hand, is still working toward becoming a successful manager.

In an interview with The Overlap, Carragher said that while Conte was a great manager, he didn’t have the patience to build a team like Arteta.

“I don’t think Conte could do what Arteta has done, or Klopp, almost building it every year and getting better,” Carragher asserts.

“Conte, he is impatient and desires immediate victory. As a result, he loses his composure during press conferences.

My opinion is that there has never been a project with Antonio Conte. That is not at all a criticism. He doesn’t care about winning tomorrow or anything else.


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