“You can’t know about Christ and deny your mother at the same time!” – Reno Omokri Advises Men

Reno Omokri, a TV host, has told men not to forget about their mothers. He said that you can’t know Christ and still lie about your mother.

Reno said in a tweet on the microblogging platform that everyone was covered in their mother’s blood when they were born. So, they should show their mother respect.

He says that some men forget that their mothers carried them for nine months inside their wombs and let their wives turn them against their mothers.

He also stated that, aside from mothers, Jesus Christ is the only person who has shed blood for people. He said that men shouldn’t give their wives more attention than their mothers.

“Dear men,
You were actually covered in your mother’s blood when you were born. You let your wife turn you against her, though. Christ is the only other person besides your mother who shed blood for you to live. You can’t know Christ and lie about your mother at the same time!”

Look down,


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