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Highest paying nursing jobs

6 Highest paying travel nursing jobs in 2022

Welcome again to Xandertech. Today, we will be having an interesting discussion about the highest-paying travel nursing jobs you can opt-in for from anywhere in the world.

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These jobs have lots of benefits for those who want a nursing job with high payment. In fact, you will even be paid more If you have high-quality skills in the nursing field.

Although there are specific requirements and other things you need to have before you can have access to this job, that should not bother you because I will be highlighting the requirements you need to have and how to get it.

That is; to get all these requirements, you need to read this article till the end.

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So in no time, let start the listing.


6 Highest paying travel nursing jobs in 2022 (Definite listing)

At this juncture, we will be taking a closer look at the best high-paying nursing jobs for travel.

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1. Step Down Travel Nursing

Here is one of the most common types of travel nursing jobs that African individuals always want to apply for.

If you want to apply for this work, you must be a nurse that has a good caring attitude.

This step-down nursing job means you will be the one paying close attention to patients who are in the care of the hospital or at home. You will be the one checking on the patient from time to time in order to monitor their state of health and the changes that occur in their body system.

Moreover, you need to have the PCCN certification (Progressive Care Certified Nurse) before you can be accepted in this field of work.

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This will help to prove that you have the adequate knowledge and experience in this field.

Yearly income value: $120,670


2. Obstetrics Gynecology Travel Nurse

The Obstetrics Gynecology Travel Nurse is a type of Nursing job that involves assisting doctors, physicians to look after Mothers who are to give birth.

Their main role is to protect the mother and the unborn child With different medical techniques.

The Obstetrics Gynecology Nurse can help the expecting mother by imparting knowledge about child Carrying and delivery.

And also, this Nurse helps at taking some tests/examinations on Pregnant women.

If you think you are best in this field or you studied this course while in college, then this is a great opportunity for you to work as a travel nurse.

Yearly income Value: $126,270

3. Telemetry Travel Nurse

Here comes another good Nursing job that every Nurse likes to apply for.

These nurses provide care for patients suffering from ‘Cardiac Arrest’. This means they help monitor the functions of the patient Cardiac very closely with the help of different medical equipments.

The Travel Nurse also checks the patient blood pressure, oxygen saturation, breathing signals, and other things relating to cardiac functioning.

However, this type of work needs the individual to be very smart and observant because the illness of the patient happens internally.

That is; From time to time, the travel nurse will be performing various tests on the patient.

Yearly income value: $130,880


4. Pediatric ER Travel Nurse

Here comes another travel nursing job that any individual in this field can easily opt-in for without much stress.

This means any individual who is into medical nursing can go for this job with just a few steps.

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The Pediatric ER Travel Nurse’s work is all about taking care of a patient or child while in the emergency room. They attend to them by taking care of their injury and also monitoring their body systems stats.

Moreover, this nurse also uses different medical tools to check the state of health of their patients and determine the types of medication they need.

Now if you want to apply for this travel nurse, I will urge you to be good at attending to patients in critical conditions.

That’s what this job requires!.

Yearly income value: $121,130

5. Neonatal ICU Travel Nurse

This is a type of travel nurse work that provides neonatal intensive care for newborn babies.

This type of nurse’s job deals with cases like prematurity of the newborn baby and other disabilities that happen to the child.

In most cases, this nurse administers medication necessary for the well-being of the baby.

Moreover, they also help with putting IV lines for the baby.

That is not all, they also impact the parent of the newborn baby with valuable knowledge that makes them help the situation positively.

Yearly income value: $119,650


6. Interventional Radiology Travel Nurse

Here comes another great-value type of travel nurse work that brings a good amount of money for those in this occupation.

The International Radiology Travel Nurse role is based on providing patient care during invasive.

Moreover, they also help in assisting endovascular surgeons and vascular surgeons during their medical operational activities.

Yearly income value: $118,350


Major requirements for highest paying travel nursing jobs

As I promised earlier, I will be highlighting the requirements of the travel nurse job listed above.

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Now let’s take a look at those requirements.

  • A license that helps to practice as a Registered Nurse
  • Outstanding communication skills
  • Having at least a bachelor degree
  • Having a valid BSN
  • Minimum of 2 to 3 years of working experience.

Available travel nursing jobs

Since you now have foundational knowledge on the type of travel nurse job that has high pay, now it is time to go for the main thing.

At this juncture, some travel nurses will be listed above with a working link to where one can get the job.

In no time, let’s take a look at them below.


1. Travel Nurse RN – ICU – Intensive Care Unit

  • Weekly payment value – $8,260
  • Duration of work – 8 weeks
  • Status – Open

Apply here


2. Travel Nurse RN – Telemetry

  • Weekly payment value – $9,999
  • Duration of work – 13 weeks
  • Status – Open

Apply here


3. Travel Nurse RN – ICU – Intensive Care Unit

  • Weekly payment value – $10,052
  • Duration of Work – 8 weeks
  • Status – Open

Apply here


4. Travel Nurse RN – ED – Emergency Department

  • Weekly payment value – $2,304
  • Duration of work – 13 weeks
  • Status – Open

Apply here


5. Travel Nurse RN – Skilled Nursing Facility

  • Weekly payment value – $1,288
  • Duration of work – 13 weeks
  • Status – Open

Apply here



With the help of this article, I hope lots of individuals who are into nursing, now know the types of travel jobs available for them, especially in European countries.

If you have any questions or suggestions, kindly comment below.

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