According to BBNaija Khloe, “Deep Down Many Nigerian Ladies Want to Do Butt Enlargement Surgery.”

Oluwabusayomi Abiri, better known as Khloe, a housemate on Big Brother Naija Season 3 has confirmed that many Nigerian women would like to have butt surgery liposuction if they have the money.

In a recent interview, Khloe said that Nigerian women are being hypocritical about liposuction because it has been done for a long time.

She said:

Regarding butt surgery, I believe Nigerians are just being hypocritical. There has been cosmetic surgery for a long time. Now, Nigerians are even more receptive to it. I am frequently asked for advice on how I performed my surgery. Many people simply exhibit hypocrisy; They really want to do it.

She stated that life after the Big Brother Naija show has been full of ups and downs when discussing how she has handled fame outside of the show.

After BBN, life has been full of ups and downs. It’s not always bad, and sometimes you get the attention you need. But there are times when one does not require attention. The journey has been both positive and negative; However, it has been a pleasant journey thus far.

Khloe discussed how she deals with male admirers. She said that she avoids them because the majority of them want her body.

She stated,

I avoid that because I am aware that 90% of them are only interested in gaining something; so that they can claim to be with me. The majority of them just want to harm one. Male fans don’t get much attention from me.

She went on to say that she is against a woman proposing to a man.

. “ I say “no” to it. It is a man’s responsibility to marry a woman; not in the other direction. Why should a woman give a man a proposal? A man should propose to you if he wants you to be his wife. Why should you propose to a man?


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