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Actress Yetunde Bakare said, “I swear it works.”

Yetunde Bakare wants her fans and followers to know something. She told them to make it a habit to pray because it helps a lot.

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In a post on her Instagram story, the talented actress said that prayer works a lot and that people shouldn’t be around people who don’t like praying.

According to her, people should stop praying around people who make them feel uncomfortable. Because it’s a warning sign.

“Pray Pray, I swear it works,” said Yetunde Bakare.
If you hang out with people who make you feel awkward when you pray with them, they are not good for you.
Don’t ever stop praying.”

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In other news, actress Yetunde Bakare said that it is possible to find the right person to marry after you’re already married.

In a post on her Instagram story, she said that friends often pressure or scare people into getting married quickly.

Most of the time, people like this end up in bad marriages. People like this could also meet someone who will treat them better after they get married.

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“It’s possible to meet the right person at the wrong time,” she said. “For example, if you rush into a marriage out of fear or because you want to “pepper them,” and then you’re constantly abused physically and emotionally…

Then you meet someone who treats you better, but you’re already married…”

Look down,

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