Destiny Etiko is answered by actress Ruby Ojiakor, “I won’t refund your money

Ruby Ojiakor, a Nollywood actress, has responded to Destiny Etiko’s accusations against her on social media.

According to a xandertech article, Destiny Etiko criticized Ruby Orjiakor over an alleged unpaid debt in a video that was released on her Facebook page.

Ruby was accused by the actress Destiny of refusing to return the N700,000 she paid her to appear in her film.

In a video posted to social media in response to the claim, Ruby branded Destiny Etiko a liar while outlining her own version of events.

Destiny Etiko, I noticed a video you just did, she remarked in the clip. You are well aware of my lack of fear for anyone.

“You called me for a job, and I told you that I’m really busy; I have a lot of work on my plate. However, you asked me to see if I could squeeze in the work because I’m the only one who can portray that character for you completely.

I told her, “Babe, I’m not promising you anything, but if you believe you can handle it, let’s see how it goes. Before you put money in, I told you. Stop lying, then.

“You can see the money; I won’t give it back. Phone Emeka Rollas. I refuse to pay. Try your hardest. I have already spent the money, so the only way I can recoup it is by playing the lead in your upcoming film.

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