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As a man asks for past tithe donations to the church, his response is, “I Don’t Want Heaven Again.”

Maazi Chukwudiaso Onyema wants Dunamis Church to return his tithe because he has decided that he would rather be rich on earth than in heaven.

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Onyema requested that the Dunamis International Gospel Center reimburse him for all tithes he had previously given to the organization in a video posted by Ambassador TV (@chikakaty1 on TikTok).

Onyema claimed that he had been brainwashed as he paid his tithe to the international church while clutching his tithe card. He calculated all of the money he had paid with his tithing card and requested a refund, claiming that he was currently “suffering.” He made it clear that this did not include any contributions or offerings he had made to the church.

Onyema said in the video that he joined the Dunamis church in 2008 and was told to save money for heaven through tithes. Onyema displayed two certificates he had earned after completing religious training with the organizations in the now-viral TikTok. He stated that he did not care if he went to heaven or not, that he no longer had money, and that he desired his tithe to be returned to him.

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A portion of the video;
“… I only need all of my tithes; let’s forget about the gifts and offerings I give to churches—not just in your centers and branches—I don’t need that. I have evidence of what I require. My investments in heaven are these.

I have decided to go to hell and will never return to heaven again. Please, I need my money. Heaven no longer interests me.

Check out the video below;

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