“Cash Redirected via Undisclosed Gasoline Subsidy”

According to Phrank Shaibu, who was a special assistant on public communication to former vice president Atiku Abubakar, the federal government’s silence on the return of the gasoline subsidy is evidence that public monies are starting to make their way into private pockets.

This was stated by Shaibu in response to news from the International Monetary Fund that the Nigerian government has resumed paying the gasoline subsidy.

The sum being paid in subsidies each month is approaching one trillion Naira, according to media sources. This is more than what the Buhari administration was paying each month.

In response to the controversy, Shaibu stated that it had become evident that the Nigerian National Petroleum Company Limited was engaging in covert subsidy operations, which was a contributing factor to the underpayment of the government.

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