Concerning and absurd, Asari Dokubo’s statements about oil bunkering, according to Atiku’s assistant Bwala

James Bwala, a media advisor to Atiku Abubakar, a 2023 PDP presidential candidate, condemned the former Niger Delta militant Asari Dokubo for visiting President Bola Tinubu.

Dokubo was accused of fabricating alarming allegations about oil theft in the Niger Delta region by Bwala.

Dokubo had connected senior Army, military, and Navy officers to oil bunkering in the Niger Delta.

The former warlord of the Niger Delta argued that common people lacked the means and know-how to engage in oil bunkering.

Additionally, he said that everyone outside of the military could not afford the equipment needed to connect pipes directly to oil heads and extract crude from the source.

However, in response, Atiku’s assistant Bwala slammed Dokubo’s assertions, calling them alarming.

“Today Asari Dokubo visited President Tinubu, and after the meeting, he went to the press room to address the press in what capacity I do not know,” Bwala stated in a tweet.

“Secondly, he made unqualified generalizations and ludicrous accusations about the Nigerian army without providing any evidence, facts, or investigative findings. This worries me.

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