Don’t let Nigeria’s political unrest and economic difficulties deter you, Peter Obi exhorts young people

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Peter Obi, the Labour Party, LP’s presidential candidate in the most recent general election, has advised young people to stay steadfast, upbeat, and hopeful for the arrival of a new Nigeria that will be based on youth production and growth.

According to Obi, the nation’s current political unrest and economic difficulties should not deter young people from their commitment to and steadfastness in the pursuit of a new and better country, but rather inspire them to do so.

Following the observance of International Youth Day, he made this statement.

The former governor of Anambra State advised youths to be resilient and endure in the face of every challenge and impediment on our road to a new country in a statement posted on his social media page on Saturday.

He added that if authorities focused on young development and production, many of the nation’s problems might be solved.

“I urge Nigerian youngsters to be firm, optimistic, and hopeful for the coming of a New Nigeria that will be based on youth growth and productivity on this day that the world community honors youths, known as to observe World Youth Day.

“Our youth should not be discouraged by the nation’s current political unrest and economic difficulties; rather, they should be inspired to continue fighting for a new and improved Nigeria.

We won’t be able to create the New Nigeria of our aspirations unless we continue to be dedicated to the fight for a better country. On our way to a new country, we must be resilient and continue in the face of any challenge.

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“As I have often argued, if the leaders pay attention to young development and production, many of the nation’s difficulties will be overcome. If we create a better economy with our youth working in productive jobs, the high level of insecurity, social vices associated with youths like drug and alcohol abuse, the high inflation rate in the nation, as well as the high unemployment rate among the young population in their productive ages, will decrease.

With a 33.3% unemployment rate, Nigeria tops the list of nations with the highest percentage of unemployment in the world, according to studies. Further research indicates that Nigeria’s unemployment rate will increase to 40.6%, indicating that more than half of the population is not employed and is of working age. As a result, the country will keep stumbling under the weight of several economic and social problems.

“The country will overcome many of its issues by creating an atmosphere that is favorable to the growth of small companies in the country. I’m still dedicated to creating a New Nigeria that is centered on young development because the vital components needed to shift our country from one of consumption to one of production are youth energy, skills, and potential.

He wrote, “A greater, better Nigeria is POssible.”

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