Edo PDP Congress: Angry Aspirants Threaten Legal Action

Members of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) who were dissatisfied with the party’s recent ward and local government congresses have threatened to sue the party if their issues are not addressed by the party’s leadership.

Recall that around nine gubernatorial hopefuls who were dissatisfied with the party’s ward congress petitioned the congress appeal panel, citing anomalies in the congress’s conduct.

In an interview, Aslem Ojezua, speaking on behalf of the unhappy aspirants, stated that they boycotted the local government congress since the congress was conducted using goods from the ward congress.

“So if you build on a failed foundation, the result would still be faulting at the end,” he explained.

According to him, they have contacted the appeal panel established by the party’s national leadership to correct the mistake done by the Governor Peter Mbah of Enugu State-led Congress electoral committee.

“We will follow the party machinery, and if they continue to act arrogantly and recklessly, we will continue to remind them of the dangers that come with such behavior.

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“We will use whatever options are open to us, but we currently have the party’s internal conflict resolution mechanism. We are taking advantage of this, even though the party has not answered, and we will do our share.

“If the party does not listen to us, they will pursue whatever alternative accessible to them. “We can only take legal action to protect our rights after we have exhausted all other options,” he stated. Ojezua urged their followers and party members to keep calm and that at the proper moment, they would know who was to blame for the party’s disaster in Edo state.

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