Eze, a representative, and Odonor, the council leader, denounce the burning of security cars in Ebonyi

The council chairman of Ohaukwu LGA, Odono Ikechukwu, and a member of the House of Representatives, Eze Nwachukwu Eze, who represents the Ebonyi/Ohaukwu federal constituency, denounced the burning of two (2) vehicles owned by the neighborhood watch security organization at Umuogudu Akpu Ngbo on Sunday.

The Ohaukwu LGA Neighbourhood Watch commander, Leonard Igwe, lives in Umuogudu Akpu Ngbo. According to information obtained by DAILY POST, the thugs broke into his home at around 3 o’clock and tried to burn it on fire as well.

Eze expressed sorrow and regret over the attack and destruction of priceless items, saying: “It is most unfortunate that in this orgy of violence, two vehicles were burnt down.”

He demanded a quick search and the detention of everyone linked to the assault.

The victim, Igwe who according to him has been prohibited from completing his customary role as a result of the arson assault, was encouraged to receive support and relief supplies from the Ebonyi State government, which is led by Governor Francis Nwifuru.

Prince Odono Ikechukwu, the council chairman of the Ohaukwu Local Government Area, responded by strongly denouncing the attack in a press conference in the Ebonyi State capital of Abakaliki.

He promised to work with security organizations, including the police, the Department of State Services, or DSS, and others, to make sure that the offenders were caught as quickly as possible.

He stated: “It is unacceptable that two (2) vehicles belonging to the neighborhood watch security group were attacked and set on fire.

“The hoodlums attempted to set fire to the neighborhood watch commander’s home while they were there, but they were thwarted. They (the hoodlums) were successful in igniting both his own vehicle and the Sienna bus.

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Odono pledged to make sure the criminals were expelled from their lairs.

“We are taking the inquiry seriously and working to identify the offenders. We are confident that the hoodlums did not get far,” he said.

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