Friend Reveals That Halima Abubakar Has Apostle Suleman’s Name Tattooed On Her Body

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Actress Halima Abubakar’s close friend Benita has revealed that the actress once had the name of Apostle Suleman tattooed on her body.

After the actress made a comeback and accused the man of God of some nefarious activities, Apostle Johnson Suleman and Halima Abubakar have been on the internet’s radar for days.

In an interview with social media blogger Temiola Sobola, Benita admitted that he was aware that the two of them were dating.

She also backed up Halima Abubakar’s statements that her buddy had three abortions while dating Apostle Suleman.

She stated:

“Halima and I are great friends, and I was aware of her relationship with Apostle Suleman at the time. We assumed he was involved in oil and gas and had no idea he was a pastor. For him, Halima had three pregnancies aborted.

“She began bleeding daily after the third pregnancy. I once went with her to her performances and gatherings. To keep her from becoming dirty, we were always carrying extra tampons.

“We’re not sure if the bleeding was caused by the abortion; it’s possible that something had been done to her womb, but when Suleman noticed that the bleeding hadn’t stopped, he ditched her.

She decided to follow me when I decided to get a tattoo. I realized my friend had been hurt when she removed the tattoo of Suleman’s name she had on her hand.

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