Holding All Elections In One Day Makes Sense—Akande

Laolu Akande, a former presidential adviser, has spoken out in support of the legislative proposal to hold all national elections on the same day, claiming that it simplifies the process for voters and may increase turnout.

He did, however, doubt whether the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) and security services were prepared for the challenges.

Akande, a renowned journalist, talked on Channels TV’s 10pm News Flagship on Saturday night, February 10, 2024, when he appeared as a news analyst and was asked about the proposal’s viability and details.

He stated, “I believe it will be a unique concept and idea since, at least all the way back to the first, second, third, and fourth republics, I do not believe we have held all of the elections on the same day.

“In actuality, during the Second Republic, the presidential election was held first, followed by the national election, and then the governor election a few weeks later. It was comparable in the third republic; there were years, almost a year, between the election of governors in 1992 and the historic presidential election in 1993.”

“So, if this happens, it will be really unique in our history. But, in my opinion, they are really important arguments, and they provide a significant advantage. First and foremost, they minimize the overall cost of the election. Second, it may be more convenient for voters, and this may even encourage more people in the electorate to vote. Of course, there is the collateral that is avoided because people can do other things, and they do not have to wait for too long to suspend economic, academic, and social activities.

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