How to Get a Job in Canada from Africa

Because of the rigorous processes involved with employing workers from their countries, it used to be difficult for Canadian businesses to use foreign labor. First, the company would have to confirm if the Canadians do not have the skills for the job advertised. On top of that, the business will also have to get permits before using foreign labor.

Although these issues might make overseas employment difficult in Canada, you can still apply for jobs from anywhere in Africa. As you are looking for a good job, you will have to use trusted channels for your search.

How to Get a Job in Canada from Africa

Here are some of the best ways that you can look for work in Canada from outside the country. Although they have varying levels of success, they can play a major role in your job search.

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1. Recruitment Agencies

As a foreign applicant, you can get a job by using a Canadian recruitment agency. After all, many Canadian businesses outsource their recruitment needs through these channels.

If you want to use a Canadian recruitment agency, look for one that specializes in your field. Then contact the establishment before sending your resume. If you have the right qualifications for their offered posts, they should have a job that meets your skillset.

2. Job Bank

For many years, Job Bank has been a popular way to look for work across various locations in Canada. As they have a website and mobile app, you can look for various Canadian jobs even from Africa.

There are many ways that you can use this service. For instance, you browse the listed postings and apply for them. If you cannot find anything that meets your requirements, you can use the job search function to get a job at a location of your choice.

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Before using the app, you will have to register on the platform with an email address. Also, choosing the standard Job account as the Plus version requires details that an overseas applicant might not possess.

3. Cold Calls

If you can’t find a job post via any regular sources, consider placing calls to Canadian companies that might need your skills. Although this method requires hard work, it is an affordable way to find a job in Canada.

To increase your chances of success, remember to include your reasons for emailing the business while selling yourself as an ideal fit for any possible job openings. Also, ensure that the messages stay brief and do not follow templates.

4. Networking

This is one of the easiest ways that you can use to seek overseas employment from anywhere in Africa. To use this idea, you will have to reach out to friends and family that stay in Canada. When it comes down to it, your loved ones might know of vacancies within their locations.

This style of looking for jobs is best suited for jobs that do not have qualified Canadian applicants. With this in mind, the company will have to apply for an employment permit that allows it to recruit foreigners from overseas.

5. LinkedIn

Since its launch, LinkedIn has become a meeting place for professionals from across the world. For this reason,  you can use this platform to connect with Canadian employers from your location in Africa.

You can start by creating a strong profile on the platform. Then aim to make 50 connections and join several LinkedIn groups in your target profession and Canadian city.

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Increase your chances of success by participating in group discussions. You should make regular posts on the platform.

If you want to increase the scope of your search, use the Job Search tab on the website. You can tailor your search by inputting your preferred career and location.

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