How to Become a Nurse and Immigrate to Canada

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There are some careers that are in high demand in Canada, and registered nurses are one of them. Because Canada is in desperate need of nurses, the government has created a slew of work permits and immigration programs to help foreign workers get permanent residency status in the country. You can apply for one of … Read more

3 Easy Ways to get Permanent Residency in Canada

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Taking on the task of applying for your Canadian visa, on your own, is a difficult and lengthy process, especially with all the numerous forms to fill in, supporting documents to submit, and strict deadlines to adhere to. There are over 100 different Canadian immigration options to choose from and knowing which one best suits your … Read more


How to Relocate to Canada with Your Family

Relocating to Canada with your family can be exciting. Apart from improving your career, it is a great way to provide your family with new experiences. Although there are many benefits to relocating with your family, getting prepared for the trip comes as a difficult task. But if you know the right steps to take, … Read more

Cost of Canada Visa & Requirements

If you have plans to travel to Canada from anywhere in Africa, you must have the right visa. After all, this item is needed to get into the country without any problems. But before you get the Canadian document, you will have to meet some requirements. Now let’s get started and learn how to get … Read more

List of High Demand Jobs in Canada

If you are planning to relocate to Canada, you might have to get a job especially when you enter the country. When it comes down to it, a  job is ideal for paying bills and meeting your wants. As you are coming into the country for a better life, you should be aiming for a … Read more


How to Get a Job in Canada from Africa

Because of the rigorous processes involved with employing workers from their countries, it used to be difficult for Canadian businesses to use foreign labor. First, the company would have to confirm if the Canadians do not have the skills for the job advertised. On top of that, the business will also have to get permits … Read more

How to Get Your Canada Work Visa

If you have plans to work in Canada, you will have to get a work visa especially before leaving your country. Although it is possible, a slight mistake might affect your visa application. But you can avoid these issues by having a perfect knowledge of how to apply for a work permit. If you are … Read more

How to Get a Canada Student Visa

Over the years, many prospective students have applied for places in Canadian schools. When it comes down to it, the country has everything needed for a well-rounded education. Before you can school in Canada, you will have to get a  student visa. But you cannot get this document especially if you don’t meet the conditions … Read more


How to Apply for a Canada Visa

If you have plans to travel to Canada from any African country, you will need a visa. Without this document, you cannot board the plane or travel to your destination. Luckily, it’s possible to apply for a Canadian visa from anywhere in Africa. But before you can get this document, you will have to meet … Read more