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How to Get Your Canada Work Visa

If you have plans to work in Canada, you will have to get a work visa especially before leaving your country. Although it is possible, a slight mistake might affect your visa application.

But you can avoid these issues by having a perfect knowledge of how to apply for a work permit. If you are not sure about the steps to take, it would help if you got some tips from this article.

How to Get a Canada Work Visa from Africa

Here are the steps needed to get a valid visa in any African country. Although this article is comprehensive, it is advised that you get additional advice from the Canadian Embassy in your country before starting your application.

1) Confirm Your Eligibility for a Canadian Work Visa

Before applying for a Canadian Work Visa, ensure that you are eligible for a work visa. Also, make sure that you have the necessary documents needed for your visa application. Besides, confirm if your proposed job does not include any illegal activity.

2) Get the Right Documents

The documents you might need for your application depend on your preferred work visa. If you want an open work visa (which allows you to work in any industry in Canada), you will need

  • Temporary Resident Visa / Electronic Travel Authorisation
  • Two copies of your photos and those of your family members ( If you are migrating with your family)
  • Certificate of Acceptance to Quebec ( for applicants that want to work in Quebec)
  • Proof of proposed employment in Canada ( A copy of the LMIA form, letter of employment, and job offer)
  • Valid International Passport not older than six months.
  • Proof of marriage
  • Birth Certificate.
  • For Employer Specific Work Permit ( focuses on employment with a specific employer):-
  • LMIA form
  • Offer of employment letter
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3) Get Extra Documents

As mentioned earlier, it is advised that you have the right paperwork for your visa application. Here are the documents needed for the application:

  • Police Clearance Certificate: Since the Canadian work visa is available for only law-abiding citizens, the country requires applicants to have a police clearance certificate. With this document, you can show that you have not engaged in any criminal activity.
  • Proof of Ties to Nigeria: During your application, you will have to convince the immigration officer of your return to your country especially after the expiry of your work permit. For this task, you will need to show proof of family, assets, or assets in your country.
  • Proof of good health: If you are planning to travel to Canada for work, it is advised that you perform a complete body checkup. After all, your visa application might need a medical report.
  • Bank Statements with financial details of over three months.

4) Download and Fill the Application Forms

As you look for a Canada visa, you should download the following forms and fill them properly. To avoid any mistakes, contact the Canadian Embassy for a guide on how to perform this task.

  • Family Information Form
  • Document Checklist
  • Authority to Release Personal Information to Designated Individual Form
  • Statutory Declaration of Common-Law Union Form (For people in Common Law Unions)
  • Application for Work Permit Made Outside of Canada Form
  • Document Checklist
  • Use of a Representative Form (For people using representatives)

After filling these forms, remember to click the onscreen validate button at the top or bottom of these documents. This action will create a barcode with signature space that you should print and place your signature.

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If you want to print the documents or barcode on paper, do not use any type of stationery. Instead stick with white, non-glossy paper.

5) Pay the Application Fees

Under this step, you are required to pay the fees needed for the application. As these fees are not refundable, you should ensure that you meet the requirements for getting a Canada Work Visa. Also, these payments should be made to the Canada Visa Application Centre in your country.

During your application, you will have to pay

  • Work Permit Application Fees
  • Open Work Permit Holder Fees ( Paid with Work Permit Fees by Open Work Permit Applicants)
  • Biometric Fees

After making the payment, ensure that you collect proof of payment.

6) Submit Your Papers at the Application Center

Drop your documents at any Canadian Visa Application Centre. Then wait for the end of your visa processing time. If everything goes well, you will have a letter of introduction that shows the approval of your work permit.

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