If elected, Obi promises to uphold the rule of law

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Peter Obi, the official competitor of the Work Party (LP), has vowed to protect law and order whenever chose president on February 25.

The previous Anambra State lead representative earnestly committed to this responsibility at a municipal center occasion facilitated by the Imo state section of the LP in Owerri on Thursday.

While recognizing the coordinators of the occasion for attempting to join Nigerians which is in accordance with the Party’s plan, Obi reaffirmed his obligation to building another Nigeria that would be comprehensive of individuals of every ethnic, religion, and inclinations.

Obi further guaranteed Nigerians that the country’s torment, uncertainty, and destitution would end assuming he is chosen the leader of the country.

As per him, by changing the country from utilization to creation, his climb would clear the way for financial development and opportunity.

“My administration will work intimately with state legislatures to construct phenomenal collaboration, with the point of comprehensive administration to ultimately benefit every one of the residents”, he said.

“Nigeria is honored, we have everything necessary to be an extraordinary country.

“All we want is the right authority that will bridle our true capacity as a country, like the oil and gas in Imo, for our aggregate advantage.

“I will guarantee regard for law and order, secure and join Nigeria and move the country from utilization to creation.

“Vote in favor of Work Party, vote in favor of people: father, mother, pikin”.


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