Mama Africa, a 104-year-old grandmother, urges Nigerians to vote for Peter Obi and explains why

High Chief Lolo Iyom Josephine Ezeanyaeche, a 104-year-old woman, has declared her support for Mr. Peter Obi, the Labour Party’s presidential candidate, and Datti Baba-Ahmed, his running mate.

She asserts that Obi and Datti have the potential to transform Nigeria into an investment hub.

During her visit to the Abuja office of the Labour Party, Ezeanyaeche, who is also the Chairman Emeritus of “The Voice for Senior Citizens of Nigeria” or Mama Africa, made these remarks.

She claims that the endorsement of Obi as the next President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria was due to his qualifications as the top contender among the four.

“The searchlight for his selection was nationally oriented and accepted for his visionary leadership, integrity, transparency, competence, capacity, character, selflessness, enlightenment, education, nationalistic, and globally acclaimed,” she stated.

Nigerians will be reassured as they look forward to a fresh start if we ask him to perform this honorable task in our evaluation.

“Obi and Datti will fix the economy and create jobs. When the economy is fixed, it will be easier to deal with insecurity, fight corruption, and improve people’s social well-being.

“Peter Obi will passionately undertake major constitutional changes that will bring about the devotion of power, fiscal federation, and the establishment of good governance and the rule of law,” according to the statement.

According to Ezeanyaeche, Obi has the character, competence, and capacity to change the country’s future for the better, as evidenced by his previous performances and accomplishments.

She mentioned that Obi would unify Nigeria’s people in every way, uniting them into a single family.

She stated that Nigerians have been waiting a long time for the younger generation to assume leadership roles to rescue her from her current situation.


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