Marriage does not guarantee equality. Reno Omokri asserts, “the Husband Should Always Be the Head.”

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Reno Omokri, a controversial on-air media personality, has stated that marriage equality does not exist. He said that the husband is the one in charge of the household.

In a tweet, Reno said that a happy marriage can only happen when a woman is willing to follow her husband.

He claims that when a woman agrees to marry a man she is not ready to submit to, the marriage becomes turbulent.

He went on to say that husband and wife are not equal. This is due to his personal belief that the husband should always be in charge.

“The happiest marriages happen when women choose to marry men they want to follow and obey,” he said. When women marry men they don’t want to follow or obey, they have the unhappiest marriages. Marriage does not guarantee equality. The head ought to always be the husband!

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