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More passport offices in Lagos have been given approval by Nigeria Immigration

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The Nigeria Immigration Service (NIS) has informed the public that it is prepared to open new passport offices in the state of Lagos.

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The leadership of the NIS stated that the decision was made after taking into account the high population and the quantity of applications received from the commercial city.

On Sunday, while attending a parade at the Ikoyi Passport Office in Lagos, Acting Comptroller General Caroline Aepoju dropped a hint about the matter.

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She threatened to discipline employees who broke the rules and warned officials against engaging in passport racketeering and other unethical behaviors.

They were given orders by CG Adepoju to closely adhere to the protocols for processing passports and address any concerns relating to border security.

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The head of Immigration stated that all passport offices throughout the country are responsible for ensuring that all applicants “are served promptly and with dignity.”

She issued a directive that stated, “There should be no delay in any passport offices, and no applicants or Nigerians should be put under any hideous task or maltreatment.”

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Adepoju noted that the welfare of workers and passport issues were the primary focuses of her attention because these two sectors “have witnessed lots of complaints.”

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