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Oluremi Tinubu: I Begged Shettima’s Wife for N2 million

Bola Tinubu’s wife, Senator Oluremi Tinubu, has revealed that she begged Hajia Nana Shettima’s wife for N2 million on Wednesday. Shettima is the running mate of Bola Tinubu.

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Oluremi made this statement to refute the notion that the family was wealthy and that her husband was popular for his wealth.

This was said on Thursday during an Abuja town hall meeting with People Living with Disabilities by Oluremi, a former senator from Lagos.

I just wonder when they say he has all the money in the world. She stated, “Mrs. Shettima knows that I begged her just to give me N2 million yesterday.” She attributed Tinubu’s generosity, not his wealth, to his popularity.

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Oluremi stated, “Contrary to what people think, Asiwaju is a very compassionate man and very generous. His secret is not about money.” He can provide everything.

“I remember having this staff at home after he left as governor; He would tell you to meet someone if you needed anything—that’s who he is.

The individuals you see at rallies are not seeking financial gain. In these trying times, they believe that someone can give them hope.

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Tinubu is one of the main candidates for Nigeria’s presidency in the general election on Saturday of next week.



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