Reversing Ganduje’s sale of the hospital, Governor Yusuf explains his next course of action

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Hasiya Bayero Pediatric Hospital has had its sale annulled following the election of Abba Kabir Yusuf as Governor of Kano State. The previous administration in the state was responsible for the transaction.

When Yusuf went to the hospital for an evaluation, he revealed this information in a post that he published on Sunday through his Twitter profile.

The hospital was a haven for medical care to children and women in the state for over 30 years, but it was closed down by the previous administration and sold to an individual for a pitiful cost, the Governor pointed out. The hospital was sold to the individual for a pitiful sum.

He stated that efforts would be made by the government to refurbish it and make it available once again to the general public.

“Today, we paid an assessment visit to the Hasiya Bayero Pediatric Hospital, which was formerly a haven for medical care to children and women in our state for almost 30 years but which was closed down by the administration that was in power before ours.

I’ve put a stop to the selling of it to a single person for a pitiful amount. And from here on out, we will be working towards restoring it to its former glory and making it available to the general public,” he said.

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