Shettima Tinubu Is Back on Track to Make Nigeria Great Again

The federal government under President Bola Ahmed Tinubu’s administration is on the correct route to restore Nigeria to glory, according to Vice President Kashim Shettima.
He believed that Nigerians could soon look forward to a better future if they worked together, respected one another, and spoke freely.

But he urged cooperation and a common dedication to national advancement, stressing the critical role of the media in accomplishing this aim.

The media’s vital role as “watchdogs, truth-seekers, and the voice that informs and empowers our citizens” was emphasized by Shettima, who was represented by Stanley Nkwocha, senior special assistant to the president on media and communications (Office of The Vice President), during his speech at the Sun Newspapers Awards in Lagos over the weekend.

In his speech titled “Celebrating Excellence, Building Together: Our Commitment To Press Freedom And Media Development In Nigeria,” the vice president emphasized that the media can influence public opinion, promote dialogue, and ensure that institutions are held responsible.
The media’s overall impact on Nigeria’s development is being honored tonight, along with the outstanding efforts of individual journalists. With your help, we can change the way people think, start conversations, and make institutions answer for their actions. The strength of our democracy depends on your commitment to fair reporting, fact-checking, and investigative journalism, he said.
In order to create a climate where journalists may do their jobs without fear of retaliation, Shettima pushed for open communication and cooperation between the government and the media, emphasizing that the former must hold the latter to account.

In addition, he lauded Tinubu for his support of a strong press, saying, “a free and independent media is essential for a healthy democracy.”
Despite her support for press freedom, Shettima stressed the need of media ethics, fact checking, and avoiding sensationalism in the face of the proliferation of fake news.

The VP praised the recent achievements of the federal government, mentioning economic reforms, addressing security concerns, and investing in infrastructure. He cited the removal of fuel subsidies, which was met with some resistance at first, as having a positive impact on increased federal funding for states.

To address the reasons of farmers-herders conflicts, the government is starting a large-scale resettlement initiative called the Pulaku Initiative. The effort aims to revitalize the impacted areas by building homes, roads, schools, and other necessary infrastructure. The Vice President made the announcement in order to fulfill President Bola Ahmed Tinubu’s vow to enhance the lives of all Nigerians. He introduced a steering group to supervise the initiative’s implementation.

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