Sit-at-home: Ohanaeze lends its support to the Enugu State Government

Ohanaeze Ndigbo Youth Council Worldwide, the apex Igbo socio-cultural organization, has thrown its weight behind the efforts of the Enugu State Government to stop the Sit-at-home in Enugu effective from Monday, June 5th. This decision was made by the Enugu State Government.

The group has also made a call to all of the people who are advocating for Biafra to remain consistent with their position that the sit-at-home that had been previously imposed on the South-East region has been terminated.

The direction issued by the administration of Enugu State that all government, business, and educational operations should resume on Monday across the state was followed by Ohanaeze’s appeal for same activities to be resumed.

Mazi Okwu Nnabuike, the National President of Ohanaeze Ndigbo Youth Council Worldwide, issued a statement condemning the attempts by individuals it described as infiltrators into the Biafra struggle to destroy Igbo country on Sunday night. The message was made accessible to journalists and was read out loud.

He lamented the fact that some adversaries of the Igbo people had persisted in observing the Monday sit-at-home even after the Indigenous People of Biafra, also known as IPOB, had called off the protests after realizing the damage they were doing to the economy of the South-East region.

Okwu stated that, “Now that the Governor of Enugu State has once more made an appeal for the sit-at-home to end, in the collective interest of the people, our passionate appeal to all of the agitators, including the IPOB, the MASSOB, the Author Pilot, the Zionists, and a host of other individuals and organizations, is that they should sheath their sword and allow normalcy to return. ”

“We cannot allow something which has seriously harmed and ruined Igbo lives, the economy, and reputation to continue to fester. This is in no way representative of what the Biafra movement stands for.

We have been demanding that Mazi Nnamdi Kanu be released without conditions, and we are not going to stop doing so; we are not going to back down until the federal government does what is required of it. But we must be careful not to devastate the land we own in the process.

They should not maintain grave silence, but appeal to their followers not to do anything that would further put the lives of our people in risk. “All of the leaderships of the different Biafra agitators should, therefore, align themselves with the decision of the Government of Enugu State. They should align themselves with the decision of the Government of Enugu State.

“The speech made by the Governor is obviously an appeal, and all those who have affection for Igbo land ought to see reasons with him.

However, the Ohanaeze youths also made an appeal to the government of Enugu State, asking them to work toward the immediate release of agitators arrested in the state during the May 30 celebrations of Biafra Day. This was done so that everyone could be on the same page in the efforts to establish a new order of calm, enterprise, and free movement of persons, goods, and services throughout Enugu State and Igbo land.

“This will further prove that the government is pro-masses and is committed to the welfare and safety of the people,” Okwu asserted. “This will further prove that the government is pro-masses and is committed to the welfare and safety of the people.”

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