Supporters Warn of Gang Up Against Peter Obi Before Election in 2023

The 2023 Labour Party (LP) presidential candidate is the target of a systematic onslaught, according to Peter Obi Support Network (POSN).

The group condemned the political parties and organizations running the opposition’s presidential campaigns as defeatists.

They were accused by POSN of blatantly misrepresenting and maliciously misquoting the former Anambra governor’s comments in an effort to cast doubt on him.

Onwuasoanya Jones, Director of Strategic Communication, claimed in a statement that opponents were terrified by Obi’s familiarity with statistics and knowledge of the global economy.

Jones stated that the opposition’s use of his speeches as props and attempts to speak for him “is a ploy by the struggling opposition.”

Obi is a devoted seeker of solutions to Nigeria’s problems and a skilled researcher, according to POSN, therefore he does not gamble with numbers and facts.

Jones claimed that by concentrating on topics and offering reliable and practical statistics from industrialized, emerging, and underprivileged countries, Obi has continued to reform the way politics is conducted.

Other 2023 contenders were criticized by POSN for “sitting lazily,” and they were labeled incompetent and unprepared for the job of the presidency.

We formally request that these irate “fact checkers” and their sponsors present any convincing proof of Peter Obi’s remarks in which he presented any of these incorrect figures.

Jones continued by saying that the nation can once again function and that Nigerians can rediscover their sense of national pride with the correct leadership in place.

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