The APGA candidate for governor backs Peter Obi, but the party’s presidential candidate is ignored

Chief Frank Nweke Jr., the Enugu gubernatorial candidate for the All Progressives Grand Alliance, has called Labour Party candidate Peter Obi the best of the three leading candidates for president on February 25.

Obi is the best because he possesses character, capacity, and integrity, according to Nweke, whose party, the APGA, has a presidential candidate named Peter Umeadi.

As a result, he urged Enugu residents to cast votes for APGA candidates in addition to Obi in the presidential election on February 25.

During his address to the Methodist Church of Nigeria’s 48th Annual Synod in Enugu on Friday, the APGA candidate made this point, adding that the church had a significant role to play in the establishment of effective leadership.

Therefore, if elected on March 11, he pledged to work with the church to improve education and reinvent society.

He said he would return schools to missions because churches managed schools better, especially primary schools, which are the foundation of education.

In regard to the state’s acute water shortage, the candidate for governor stated that he would restore the supply of water, ensure proper waste disposal, and address multiple taxes within a year of taking office.

He promised not to deceive residents and pleaded with the church to support APGA in the state elections for improved living conditions.

Most Rev. Christopher Edeh, the Methodist Archbishop of Enugu, responded by expressing gratitude to Nweke for belonging to the church and pleading with God to assist him in achieving his political goals.

The bishop stated that the church would actively participate in the election of trustworthy leaders by voting in large numbers.

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