The statement “Tinubu Told Me He Has No Blueprint For Tackling Insecurity In North” is true. According to Naja’atu Mohammed

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Bola Tinubu, the party’s presidential candidate, addressed her about insecurity in the North, according to Naja’atu Mohammed, a former All Progressives Congress, APC, campaign director on civil society organizations.

In a meeting in London, Tinubu reportedly warned Naja’atu that he had no plan for addressing the instability in the North.

She revealed this while implying the reason she left the APC, which is currently in power.

Naja’atu spoke during the Morning Show program on Arise Television.

In our meeting, Tinubu said, “I don’t have a model for dealing with insecurity in the North; if I do, I might be killed.

“I will walk on so many toes if I have a plan for addressing insecurity in the North.

He has been pleading with me to go to the appointment, but I declined.

Naja’atu abandoned her position with the APC and Tinubu’s campaign team a few days ago.

She was fired, according to Tinubu’s campaign team, for being a mole.

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