Time to foster strong institutions and improve the welfare of the people, says Governor Radda

The governor of Katsina State, Mallam Dikko Umaru Radda, has tasked political figures in the nation to continue supporting the Nigerian project on the occasion of this year’s Democracy Day.

In a message sent to newsmen in Katsina and signed by his Chief Press Secretary, Ibrahim Kaula Mohammed, Radda offered the advice.

He stated that the observance of Democracy Day this year should “reawaken our consciousness to the exigent task of building a prosperous and egalitarian Nigeria, with strong and efficient institutions of governance.”

Only 24 years after Nigeria’s restoration to civilian control, the Governor claims that the foundation of democracy has already been established in that nation.

That is why the current crop of Nigerian leaders, particularly the political class, must work to make the continent’s democracy a role model.

We must provide the general public a better deal by giving them democratic dividends. We must do everything we can to ease the pain of our people at a time when the nation is struggling with a wide range of socioeconomic issues, he said.

By designating June 12 as Nigeria’s new Democracy Day in 2018, Radda expressed appreciation to former President Muhammadu Buhari. She also gave a posthumous national honor to Moshood Abiola, the widely regarded victor of the 1993 presidential election.

“Buhari deserves enormous praise for helping to foster our democratic culture,” he remarked. About five years ago, he declared June 12 to be the nation’s new Democracy Day, which was a turning point. His tremendous service to the country will be gratefully remembered by history and future generations.

He underlined the importance of citizens remaining unified and patriotic while also supporting President Bola Ahmed Tinubu and his efforts to improve the nation.

In order to reclaim Katsina’s lost glory, Radda further reaffirmed his steadfast commitment to keeping every promise he made throughout his campaign.

In his own words: “Service to the people, equity, and justice for everyone will be the guiding principles of our administration. We shall operate a government that prioritizes the needs of the people and fight against any efforts to undermine this goal.

“I will lead by example, and I anticipate that my cabinet members and all other public employees will follow suit. I promise to be responsible and to sporadically update you on the successes and difficulties of my administration.

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