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Tolanibaj: Neo urges me to stay with him

Tolanibaj, a contestant on Big Brother Naija All Stars, claims Neo Energy asks her to be with him while making it seem like she is the one who is desperate.

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According to xandertech, Neo and Tolanibaj are involved in an unclear connection.

Tuesday night, Neo made a warning to “remove” himself from the “situation” if Tolanibaj did not cease “embarrassing” him by arguing with other female housemates over flirting with him.

In contrast, Tolani said Neo begged for her attention in a chat with Adekunle before flipping the script and accusing her of making him feel bad.

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“When I multiply 2 by 2 and I see what I see, he [Neo] will now come and lie that there is nothing between him and other female housemates and that they are just friends,” the woman claimed.

“I’m now coming off as foolish. I thus believe that I am continuously ashamed. I have attempted to distance myself from him four times; nevertheless, each time he apologized, the cycle continued. He begs me to stay with him, but afterwards he changes the script and claims that I’m embarrassing him because I’m the one who witnesses you two making out.

“Just tell me what the f*ck it is, let him tell me. Simple. Please let me know what’s happening and allow me to go. As a result, I feel ashamed that I dated Neo longer than I should have because I was blind to his genuine character from the start.

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