Traveling to USA: How Much in Total Do You Need?

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Planning on traveling to the US? Well, you will need deep pockets if you want the best the United States of America has to offer. Rather than daydreaming about a trip to the Grand Canyon or the magical wonders of Disneyland, grab a pen and paper as we will help you create the perfect budget for traveling to the US.

Regardless of your reason for planning such a trip, there are important things you will need cash to cover. We have listed all the possible expenditures and the estimated costs to help you build the right budget for your vacation, honeymoon, or solo sojourn to the US.

how much to travel to usa

Traveling to the USA: How Much in Total Do You Need?

Whether you’re traveling for some extra specials or you want to just tour the attractions of one of the greatest countries in the world, you will have to cover the following things in your budget.

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Flight and Visa Application Cost

Unless you’re planning on smuggling your way into the US, you will have to get into the country via flight. This is the most popular way to do so, but it is also very expensive. A flight tick from Lagos to the US will cost anywhere from $500 to $1,000 depending on the flight class and time of purchasing the flight ticket. A tourist visa will also cost $160 which raises the overall cost.


Once you touch down on US soil, you will need a roof over your head, a comfortable bed to rest your aching knees, and a shelf to keep your luggage. If you’re not staying with a family or friend in the US, then you should be thinking of getting a hotel or motel room.

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Your budget should be $40 to $300 per night depending on the type of luxury you’re looking forward to. You can tell just how cozy your room will be based on your budget by booking online. Check the accommodation and the offers to see if they meet your needs before going further. When it comes to accommodation especially for tourists and visitors, a bigger budget always means more comfort.


When you enter the US, you can choose between a rental car or public transportation. You will be better off with public transport via taxi or train.

If you’re going to use public transport, then you should prepare for extra charges.  Airport surcharges are almost impossible to avoid as most drivers will charge you more for picking you up at an airport location. You should also watch out for peak times when the demand is higher. You will definitely pay more during this time.


Food is a necessity and you will find many affordable restaurants especially if you’re in a place like New York. However, there is a big difference between food, good food, and great food. Expect you want to rely on Chinese food and pizza, you might want to pump up your budget to enjoy the delicacies of the US. You could save a few dollars and still get a decent meal if you lodge in a hotel that offers such deals. A one-person meal at a fast-food restaurant will cost from $5 – $10 and could be as high as $50 at a nice restaurant.

How Much Does it Cost to Travel to the US?

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For a single day including your visa and the flight cost of a one-way trip, you could spend $720 – $1,610 on your travel to the US.  A 3-day trip will include a return ticket so you should budget between $1,350 – $3,410.

This excludes the cost of touring various locations, sightseeing, visiting amusement parks, or whatever you plan to do with your time while in the US.

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