How to Apply for a US Visa from Africa

Africans who wish to move to the US will require a visa based on the reason for their stay. Right here, we will detail all the common types of US visas and the application process to guide you on your US visa application. Common Types of US Visas Work Visa If you want to work … Read more

Cost of USA Visa & Requirements

African passport holders will require a visa to travel to the US for any occasion. There are different types of visas you can apply for based on your reason for visiting and there are many requirements to fulfill if you want your visa application to be approved. There are also visa fees which will depend … Read more

Easiest Ways to Get a US Visa from Africa

Applying for a US visa from anywhere in Africa will require paying the visa application fee, completing the visa application form, and scheduling an appointment. This should be very easy but if this is your first time, you might need some assistance. There are different types of documentation required for different types of visas and … Read more

How to Get a USA Work Visa from Africa

The US immigration law allows Africans to work in the US temporarily as non-immigrant. Getting a work visa does come with a ton of requirements with the most important being that you already have an appointment with a company in the US especially if it is your first time. The company will also have to … Read more

List of High-demand Non-skilled Jobs in USA

Relocating to the US could be the best move ever as the promise of greener pastures could turn things in your favor.  However, if you have no academic qualifications, you will have to settle for non-skilled jobs that tend to pay way less than the skilled offers. Fortunately, there are several high-demand, non-skilled jobs that … Read more

Traveling to USA: How Much in Total Do You Need?

Planning on traveling to the US? Well, you will need deep pockets if you want the best the United States of America has to offer. Rather than daydreaming about a trip to the Grand Canyon or the magical wonders of Disneyland, grab a pen and paper as we will help you create the perfect budget … Read more

How to Get a Job in USA from Africa

It is no longer news that Africans are migrating to the US in droves in search of greener pastures. Not only do non-skilled individuals move to the US to start a new life but also professionals like doctors and engineers are setting up camp in the North American country. If you’re like many other Africans … Read more

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