Why women shouldn’t be angry if their man cheat – Actress Bella Ebinum

Nollywood actress, Bella Ebinum has asserted that it is the nature of men to cheat.

She, therefore, urged women not to be angry or jealous when their spouses cheat on them with other women.

In a video message she shared recently on her social media page, she said in the olden days, men still keep concubines despite having multiple wives.

The thespian said, “This video is for women. I don’t know why you get angry and jealous when your husband carry women. The truth is, it’s in their nature to cheat. Men must cheat because they have to release and if they depend on you, you can’t give them everything.

“That is why in those days, our fathers get married to three wives even with concubines because they have to release. A woman can stay more than one year without having sex but a man cannot stay more than one year without having sex. He will have prostrate cancer.”

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